Modernize Your Living Space With Window Coverings!

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Modernize Your Living Space With Window Coverings!

Contact us now for a free in home quote on custom window coverings! test

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Window Coverings Barrie


Replacing your window coverings is a quick and easy way to transform the interior of your home into something extraordinary without the hassle of a time-consuming or costly renovation. Additional privacy and increased aesthetics are just two benefits of replacing the window coverings at your home or office.

At RS Window Fashions, we have the right solution for your needs, from a updating the window coverings of a single room to an entire home or office! We are Barrie & surrounding areas window coverings experts, offering today’s most popular designs and highest quality blinds, shutters, shades and silhouettes to complete any home or business.

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Why us for Window Treatments


We Care about the Details

We listen to our clients and understand their goals, needs, budget, and vision. We then combine creative innovation with precision, to ensure that the final project represents everything they’ve imagined. Our experience allows us to integrate aesthetical detail and appeal while grounding our concepts with an appreciation for practical, everyday use. We can help make any project from concept to reality!

Window Treatments Barrie
Window Treatments Barrie

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at RS Window Fashions, customer satisfaction is our foremost priority. Our value proposition is to provide top-quality window coverings and professional installation on everything from blinds to shutters and much more. By accompanying these with discount prices, we’re able to deliver the best value to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors that go into selecting the right window coverings for your home or office. During a consultation, our team members look to understand your goals, vision and budget to help develop your customized concepts.

Window Blinds are available in different styles and sizes. They can have horizontal or vertical slats that tilt back and forth allowing you to control the amount of light and privacy. Blinds can be lowered completely and still allow light for to pass.

A window shade is a single piece of material that can lower and raise to control light and privacy, they do not have any moveable slats. They are available in a wide range of colours and designs, and are great insulators.

Window shutters are hinged panels with louvers that allow you to open and close slats to control light and privacy. They can be installed either on the inside or outside of your home.

Many home owners look for energy efficient window coverings as they will help save money throughout the year on heating and cooling costs. Energy efficient window coverings help prevent heat loss and heat gain keeping the temperature in your home or office more consistent and warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Shutters, blinds and other window coverings can be lighter or darker than your walls depending on your style preference. Your window coverings and walls should however have at least one shade difference from each other.

Even though it is a popular practice to have the same window coverings thought out your home, it’s not necessary. If the rooms in your home have their own unique design or are  painted different colours, having different window covering styles that match your room’s design is recommended.

When your window covering are mounted inside your window frame, they are considered inside mount. They provide a clean fit for your window coverings.

When your window covering brackets are mounted outside of your window frame allowing for your window coverings to extend beyond the window frame, they are considered outside mounted. Your options for window coverings are much higher when choosing an outside mount.

As the names insinuate, wood blinds are made of real wood, and faux wood blinds are made of synthetic materials, usually PVC and are made to look like real wood. Wood blinds are not recommended for areas with high humidity such as bathrooms or kitchens as they can warp or crack. Real wood blinds are lighter than faux wood blinds, so they may be a better solution for covering larger windows.

There are many benefits to having motorized blinds at home including convenience, safety and security.

Convenience: Motorized blinds are convenient as you have the ability to adjust the blinds in any room of your home with the touch of a button.

Safety: Motorized blinds do not have any cords, this makes them ideal for families with your children and pets, as you eliminate the risk of them getting caught or injured in the cords.

Security: Some motorized blinds can be opened and closed with the use of an app, while others can be set on a timer to make it look like someone is home while you are away.

Window coverings are the finishing touches to any room, they help to pull your entire décor together, providing privacy and aesthetic touches to your home. However, in the right circumstance, it is okay to leave your windows bare. Just keep in mind privacy concerns and natural light.

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At RS Window Fashions, we provide you with highest quality window covering treatment options for your home and office.