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Cellular Shades Barrie


Cellular  Shades are a practical option for all windows. These multipurpose blinds are available in a variety of control options & custom shapes. They’re a highly customizable window treatment with light-filtering and blackout fabrics, as well as a large array of colours.

Cellular shades are made of uniquely shaped honeycomb-like air pockets that run through the length of the fabric. The pockets feature “D” shaped cells that are designed to keep the pleats in place and prevent them from sagging over time. 

Pleated / Cellular Shades Barrie

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Features and Benefits


Energy Efficient

The cellular pockets trap the cold air in winters and warm air in summers lowering your energy bills throughout the year

Safety Benefits

Cellular shades do not have dangling cords and prove to be a perfect window treatment for a home with requirements for child and pet safety

Pleated / Cellular Shades Barrie

Easy to Care For

The construction of Cellular Shades is such that they are easy to manage and clean and require minimal maintenance

Pleated / Cellular Shades Barrie

Added Privacy

With cellular shades you can control the opening of your shades allowing light to come from the top while the bottom stays closed keeping your privacy intact

Pleated / Cellular Shades Barrie

UV Protection

Adjusting the opening of your cellular shades will allow you to manage how sunlight falls into your room and preserve your furniture from fading

Pleated / Cellular Shades Barrie

They Look Great

Cellular shades add style and elegance to the interior of your home and come in a variety of colours to match the decor of your home

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