It has become very common for homeowners to purchase motorized window coverings because of the various benefits they have to offer. Not only does this type of window provide more security, UV protection and lower energy bills, but it also improves the living standards of the home, like privacy and interior design. However, there are various types of motorized windows, which makes the process of choosing the right one a bit tougher and complex. Knowing what to look for in motorized blinds is a common problem that homeowners face throughout their selection. To avoid confusion and reduce the stress you may encounter, here are 5 things that you should consider when picking motorized shades so that you find the perfect one for your home.

Durability of the Motor

It is important for you to determine which solution is most suitable for you and your home. It is recommended that you look for a product that is guaranteed to last. As a homeowner, you do not want your new motorised windows to not work after a few uses because fixing it will not only waste your time, but it will also make you lose money. Furthermore, even if you choose the most durable motor out there, you must make sure that the product comes with a full warranty, so that if something does happen to it, you will be covered. It is common for some items or brands to have a limited warranty that does not cover all of the parts or have a full warranty, but only for a short time. So, you must be aware and cautious of these kinds of things.

Reliability of your Blinds

When you buy a set of motorised blinds, you must be sure of its performance and if it provides what you need. However, before all of that, you must first select what you want to gain from your blinds. For instance, if your home experiences a lot of solar gain, you might consider pairing your blinds with a solar sensor. This gadget turns on when it receives a considerable amount of sunshine via the window. It sends your blinds to close when it senses this light. When you close your blinds, you prevent excessive sunlight from entering the house and stressing your AC unit. Others, on the other hand, may concentrate on employing blinds for security purposes like, keeping off nosy civilians and such. Furthermore, there are many more shade variations available, each with its own set of features. You may, for example, obtain partly transparent motorised blinds that allow you to look outside to your stunning view. These blinds are designed to reduce glare and solar gain rather than provide perfect obscurity. Motorized Venetian blinds, which allow for full, partial, or closed views, are another similar choice that frequently works well in home offices.


Another factor that people frequently consider is the appearance of their blinds. What kind of influence do they have in their different rooms? Do they match the décor and colour scheme? Making judgments concerning your blinds gets a bit more difficult in this situation. Most individuals who desire more see-through roller shades, for example, make the error of selecting a translucent, light-colored fabric. The issue with this option is that it reduces the visibility of the blinds. Because the lighter tint allows you to see more sunshine flowing through the window, the glare is significantly stronger. So, if you want a more translucent tone, go with a darker colour. The blackness cuts off the excess sunshine, giving you a clearer view out the window. As you can see, the fabric and colour of your blinds or shades have an impact on how they look in your space. Ask your blinds business what blinds they recommend for rooms with your décor and colour scheme, keeping these factors in mind. They will have the knowledge you require to make an informed selection.

Volume of Motorized Blinds

You don’t hear any loud, excessive noises when you turn your blinds and draw your drapes. These activities should produce only soft noises, if any at all. Most, if not all homeowners want their motorized window blinds to be as quiet as possible. If you are one of these people, before buying motorised blinds, you should listen to how different kinds of blinds sound as they close and open if you can. When this happens, you should hear a faint, whirring, or buzzing noise. What you don’t want to hear is a loud mechanical noise. Fortunately, most top manufacturers have quiet devices that contribute to a serene and relaxed environment. You shouldn’t be too concerned about the sound of your blinds.

Integrating with your Smart Home Systems

If you’re interested in motorised blinds, chances are you already have some smart home equipment. If this is the case, you’ll undoubtedly want to know if your motorised blinds can be integrated with your other systems. The short answer is “yes.” The lengthier answer is that it is determined by the brand. Many, but not all, motorised blinds may be controlled via a smartphone app. You may use this app to manage your blinds from a far distance, such as your office. Some blinds are also compatible with smart hub systems, allowing you to manage them alongside your lights, AC, and other devices. Other possibilities, on the other hand, remain more limited. So, before you buy your greatest motorised blinds, ask your retailer about their capabilities.

Motorized blinds is a great product to invest in as it provides the user with many benefits that are all very useful. There are various of types of these kinds of blinds, so to help with your search, some of the things that you should look for when buying motorized blinds are the durability of the motor, the reliability of the blinds, the aesthetics it could potentially bring to your house, the volume of the blinds and if you could integrate them with your Smart Home Systems. By keeping all of this in mind, the process of selecting the right motorized blinds for you will be much easier and less stressful.