Also called roman blinds, roman shades are a popular window covering option that can bring softness and beauty to any room. These window coverings often are constructed using a ring and a cord pully system for lowering and raising the shades, which allows you to control the amount of natural light and privacy in the room.

If you are contemplating utilizing roman shades for your home’s interior, here are 5 tips and tricks you should look into to help enhance their look in your home.

Selection of fabrics and linings that suit your home

Like other window coverings, the linings and fabrics of roman shades are not immune to fading. So, the effect of sunlight may make the outside of your roman blinds fade and become patchy over the years. However, you can avoid this issue by selecting higher quality linings and fabrics for your shades that are designed to resist fading. These fabrics are available in different options including lightweight and heavy-weight fabrics. The type of lining you choose can also help protect the shade’s fabric helping extend their lifespan. There are many colour options for your lining, just keep in mind choosing a coloured lining may result in fading quicker. The most popular option is a blackout lining, as it not only blocks out the light when closed, they hold their colour well.

Choosing a roman shade style

Roman shades come in numerous styles, this is great for being able to customize your look, it can be quite overwhelming at times. The most popular styles include classic, flat, hobbled, and relaxed roman blinds. Each style has its own unique look and design character. While hobbled and classic styles require dowels to create the folds and pleating, flat roman shades consist of only a single piece of continuous fabrics and don’t have any dowels. Relaxed (European) blinds add softness to a room through their natural flowing fabrics.

Try a variety of patterns and prints

The third trick for using roman shades for your interior design is testing out different patterns and prints. Since there are various elegant and eye-catching designs and prints available for your shades, don’t limit yourself to just one plane design. Try selecting different patterns for different rooms in your home and match them with the existing décor.  For instance, if your room is monochrome, you can enhance the look by adding large pattern blocks in your shades. Similarly, if you want to add a personal touch to your room, choose roman blinds with beautiful hand embroidery and embellishments.

Consider the size of the room

When selecting roman shades for a room, do not overlook the size of such room. Some shades are more suitable for small rooms whereas others are great for big rooms. For small rooms, you can utilize the shades to make the room feel bigger, taller, or longer just by using a striped pattern roman shade. However, if you want to highlight the height of a living room with a high ceiling, shades with horizontal stripes are the best options. The size of your room and the affect you are looking for will give you direction in which roman shade style and design is best to use.

Use double drapery to accentuate the look of your room

If you are looking to accentuate the décor and design of any room, double drapery is always recommended. Generally, double drapery involves the combination of roman blinds and sliding curtains. This combination lowers the amount of light and potential cold that can come into the room from the windows. You can experiment with various options, including colours and patterns to find the perfect match for your home.