We often get asked; “Are motorized shades really needed? After all, it is pretty simple to adjust your shades manually.” And to this, we normally respond with a question like “is your television remote really needed, or is it necessary to have a remote to unlock your car doors? The simple answer to these questions and many more regarding automated products is no, they are not needed but they are important in our lives. Like many items, the technology around window coverings has grown over the past several years, providing us with more freedom and flexibility to control the amount of natural light entering our homes and better control of our privacy.

If you are still unsure about motorized shades, below we outline several key benefits they offer.

1. Convenience

Motorized shades will allow you to open and close all the shades in a room simultaneously with just a touch of a button. This comes in handy, especially if you have windows located behind large pieces of furniture such as couches or side tables. With motorized shades, there is no more climbing on and over items to open or close your shades. With many units, you will also be able to set a timer to open and close specific shades at key times during the day, providing maximum amounts of natural lite and increasing your privacy.

2. Energy Savings

Having your shades automated or installed with a light/heat sensor will ensure that your shades are open or closed during the warmest parts of the day. This improves the energy efficiency of your home and helps you save money on your energy bills. You will be able to reduce the heat gain to a minimum in the summer and increased it to the maximum in the winter reducing your reliance on your HVAC system throughout the year.

3. Security

Motorized shades help to increase your home’s safety and security by setting the automatic control system to follow a random pattern for opening and closing your shades while you are away. This gives the impression that someone is home to neighbors or anyone that is potentially watching your neighborhood helping to reduce the chances of a break and enter.

4. Elegance

Motorized shades are available in a wide variety of elegant materials and colors adding to your home’s overall aesthetics. With no chains or strings dangling from the shade itself, they are more appealing than standard manual shades.

5. Protection Against Ultraviolet Rays

We already know that window shades will help protect your home against excessive sunlight and harmful UV rays. But, motorized shades take it a step further when it comes to protecting your furniture, carpets and other important items placed close to your window from fading and the damaging effects of UV rays. Setting your shades to automatically close when you are not home or when the sun is at its highest point, it will reduce your personal belonging’s exposure to direct sunlight and harmful UV rays.

6. Part of a Complete Smart Home

Motorized shades are easily connected to your smart home system opening up the ability to set scenarios that will cause your shades to automatically go up and down as well as give you the ability to control your shades remotely from your smartphone. You can even take it a step further and connect your motorized shades to your smart home speaker allowing you to use your voice to control your shades.

There was a time, not so long ago that motorized shades were reserved for only the homes of the wealthy, well this is not the case any longer. With advancements in technology and the reduction in manufacturing costs, motorized shades are available for any home and in a range of budget-friendly options. Opening up the benefits of motorized shades to all neighborhoods across Canada.

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