When it comes to window coverings, there is an extensive list of options available for homeowners to choose from. These window treatment options have varying abilities to add aesthetic appeal, control natural light, ensure privacy, and enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Popularity of certain window covering has also changed over the years, some treatments have faded out of favour, while others have remained in demand or have gained in popularity. Whether you want to create a formal, modern, romantic, or elegant atmosphere in your home, there are suitable window coverings that will help you achieve your desired look.

When it comes to what is currently on trend for window coverings, we looked no further than our own order sheets. We took a look at our orders from the past 15 months an outlined what our client’s preferences have been. This list is in no particular order.

  1. Roman and Roller Shades

Both of these window covering options have been available and popular for some time and they are still trending as some of the most popular window treatments today. They are simple, clean and come in a wide range of colours to match any interior decor or theme. Although Roman and roller shades may be thought as a traditional window covering option, they are both still a popular choice today. Colour options and fabric options have also changed over the years, giving you more choices when it comes to either of these treatment options.

  1. Shutters and Blinds

Talk of elegance and character, shutters and blinds will provide both to any space in your home. They are easy to operate and offer a high level of flexibility in controlling light and ventilation as well as maintaining privacy. Both come in various materials such as wood, faux wood, and composite or vinyl that can withstand moisture damage and other fend off other potential damage such as staining and warping.

  1. Retro Curtains and Decor

Another trend in window coverings right now, is the use of floral and botanical prints to create a nostalgic look and feel to a room. The use of curtains with prints that are associated with past decades have shown to improve ones overall feelings of positivity and happiness. This is another great trend in window treatments.

  1. Incorporating Technology

The latest trend in window coverings is the use of technology to simplify and manage the operations of the curtains, drapes, and other types of coverings. With the automation and motorization of window coverings, opening and closing your window covering has become more  flexible and convenient through the use of a remote or an app installed on your smartphone.

Trends come and go, when it comes to selecting window coverings for your home, look at the options that meet your needs and expectations. If you are looking at incorporating some on trend elements but don’t want to risk having to change your treatments in the coming years due to the trend fading. Consider prioritizing the type of hardware installed with your window coverings. Whether you are looking to make a statement or create visual appeal, there plenty of options available. And if they fall out of trend, they are much easier and less costly to replace than the entire covering.