Are you thinking of replacing your window coverings? Well, you should keep reading further! We know that your window coverings represent your home’s style and design, but that they also offer privacy, can provide that extra touch of natural light when needed and can be a focal point in any room. But, the most common challenge homeowners face when looking to replace their window coverings is, which is the best option for my home? This is where we come in.

Here’s how to find the best window treatment for your space in 2022. Let’s see which window covering suits you best!


Curtains are a versatile window covering that can offer the perfect styling for a home. You can achieve almost any look with curtains, including a bold or welcoming look. It is worth noting that curtains have a say in the overall design of a room. For example, if you use heavy curtains, you’ll manage to create a sophisticated room. We recommend curtains if you want to express your personality. Living rooms can benefit the most from such window coverings since curtains look amazing when paired with larger windows.

Roman Shades

Roman shades represent a popular window covering selection with almost all homeowners. They are attractive and available in different fabrics and colours. These coverings are subtle and can fit nicely into any window area. Roman shades let in plenty of natural light while maintaining your privacy. We recommend roman shades for bathrooms, kitchens, or areas with little to no wall space around the window frame..

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are an affordable and practical window treatment solution. These are available in different colours but are limited in terms of design. Cellular shades are simple and can match almost any type of interior design. We recommend these window coverings for areas that require plenty of privacy, such as bedrooms.


Shutters are perfect for those looking for an elegant and traditional vibe. These can become a bold statement, too, no matter the size of the space. Shutters are usually designed in brown, black, or white offering a classic look. We recommend shutters for homes that have a more traditional or sophisticated design.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are affordable, stylish, and suitable for almost any room. The main advantage of using vertical blinds is the ease of maintenance. We recommend these blinds for large windows. They are simple to operate and can block sunlight when needed. Vertical blinds can improve energy efficiency when installed correctly.

No matter which window covering you have in mind, it is always recommended to look into different treatment options before making your final selection. Each window covering has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the best solution for your home based on your needs and expectations. The window coverings in this article represent a great start if you want to boost the visual appeal and privacy of your home.