Window coverings provide additional protection against the cold and air leaks in homes. They can serve as a window insulation to maintain indoor temperature. If you want to prevent extreme cold in your home, shielding your windows with high-quality window coverings is the right thing to do. There are different types of window coverings but some are more effective against the cold than others. So, here     are 5 types of window coverings that protect your home from the cold:

1. Roman Blinds

One of the most popular and effective window coverings is the Roman blinds. They are classy, beautiful and gorgeous. They complement and enhance the charms of the interior decor and enliven the room. Although most Roman blinds are made of fabric, you can choose thermal fabric to protect your home from the cold. They will undoubtedly increase the insulation of your windows and prevent air leaks.

2. Roller Shades

Roller shades are another window covering that protects the home from cold. There are dual roller shades that are multipurpose – one reflective side and the other side absorbing heat. The sides can be reversed to meet the weather needs. Turning the reflective side inside the house and the insulated side outside will prevent the escape of warm air from the house and prevent the house from being filled with cold air.

3. Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains usually have insulating properties. They are energy-efficient and are suitable for protecting the house from the cold. Choosing the right fabric for the drapes and curtains will enhance the insulation of the home and prevent air escape. Thick and dense drapes are best suited for combating cold. Fabrics like tweed, suede and velvet are the most appropriate – they will prevent heat loss from the home and keep cold out.

4. Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Other window coverings you can rely on to protect your house from the cold are the cellular honeycomb shades. They are among the best window coverings with the highest level of insulation. They come with pockets of cellular shades with air trapped inside, which acts as a layer of protection for the home against the cold air. They help retain the heat within the house and ensure that cold air does not reach the insides of the home.

5. Shutters

Shutters are another type of window coverings that can prevent air leaks during winter. They fit perfectly on the windows and provide a seal to prevent the cold from filtering into the house. Once the slats are closed, the shutters will provide a faultless seal and protect the home from the cold.


If you are searching for the best window coverings to protect your house from the cold, the window treatments above are the best choices for you. They will improve your house’s energy efficiency and protect the house against drafts and air leaks.