When considering ways to make a home more energy efficient, most homeowners focus on updating their windows, doors, insulation or roofing, however investing in energy efficient window coverings will help create a comfortable environment, reduce your energy consumption and add aesthetic touches to your home.

Below we discuss the reason why energy efficient window coverings are important.

What Are The Advantages of Energy Efficient Window Coverings?

There are a variety of energy efficient window covering styles available, each offering their own list of impressive benefits, but no matter the style of energy efficient window coverings you choose, the below benefits are encompassed by all:

  • Reduced temperature fluctuations indoors
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Improved comfort
  • Improved interior design
  • Improved overall energy efficiency

Depending on the covering style you choose for your home, you’ll discover an array of additional benefits and advantages, below we highlight some of these styles and advantages.

#1 Cellular shades offer impressive insulation

Cellular shades are designed with an innovative design, they trap air within their honeycomb style pockets, which can significantly increase energy efficiency. Insulated cellular shades are considered to have the highest insulating properties of any window covering.

#2 Shutters offer impressive cooling properties during the warmer months

If you’re concerned about cooling costs during the summer months, window coverings can save you a lot of trouble. Shutters are created in such a way that they can help make your indoor spaces cooler during the summer months, by blocking sunlight when closed. These are excellent energy efficient window treatments and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

#3 Roman shades offer attractive insulating characteristics

Roman shades are stylish and suitable for almost all types of interior design, but a lesser-known fact about these window coverings’ importance is that they offer help in saving energy costs. Roman shades are designed with a thick insulating material that improves your energy efficiency. Roman shades help keep warm air in during the winter and cooler air in during summer. As a result, these window coverings represent a go-to solution for a long-term investment in an energy efficient window coverings.

#4 Solar shades will prevent heat gain

Solar shades diminish glare and shield your home’s interior from harmful UV rays as well as reduce heat gain. It is important to note that solar shades do not block the cold. We recommend pairing solar shades with other window covering styles, such as drapes. This will offer improved comfort and privacy within your home.

Adding energy efficient window coverings to your home is a great way to reduce energy consumption and save on your utility bills. They also offer the added bonus of aesthetic appeal, increased privacy and comfort. If you are not sure which window coverings are best suited for your needs and home design, be sure to discuss your options with a window coverings expert. They will review the different coverings options available and cover all of the benefits, advantages and energy efficient properties.